Warning: How to Fix “Creating Default Object from Empty Value” Error in PHP

When running PHP, developers may come across an error that states “Creating default object from empty value”. This error occurs when an object is attempted to be assigned a value that doesn’t exist. This can lead to several problems within the code.

This document will provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix the “Creating default object from empty value” error in PHP.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Inspect the code to identify the place where the error is triggered.
  2. Leave a comment above the code line that produces the error.
  3. “Debug” the code by inserting echo statements to identify the value of variables.
  4. Look for any syntaxes that are not supported by PHP.
  5. Check for any unintended use of variables (especially those initialized to objects and null values).
  6. Validate object assignments and assignments with $_POST and $_GET ($_REQUEST can be used instead).
  7. Validate user inputs before any operations initiated by the user such as in forms.
  8. Using isset() function or other built-in functions to check if a variable has a value before trying to access it.


Q: What are the most common causes for the “Creating default object from empty value” error?

A: The most common causes for this error can be traced back to unintended use of variables, syntax errors, object assignments, and user inputs.

Q: Are there any built-in functions to help debug and prevent the error?

A: Yes, PHP offers some built-in functions and methods that can be used to debug and prevent the error. These functions include isset(), count(), and empty().


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PHP Built-in Functions for Debugging

PHP isset() Function

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