Step-by-Step Guide to Change Homepage on Samsung Galaxy S4

Are you looking to change the homepage of your Samsung Galaxy S4? Many users find it hard to do this and this guide can help you walk through the process of replacing your homepage. Follow each step listed below and you'll be on your way!

Step 1: Open the Home Screen

The homepage of your Samsung Galaxy S4 can be found on the home screen. To access the home screen, simply unlock your screen. Swipe your finger right or left along the screen until you reach the home screen.

Step 2: Find the Settings App

Once you're on the home screen, find the settings app icon and tap it to open. It's the gear shape icon and can be found at the bottom of your home screen. Tap the settings icon to open up the settings application.

Step 3: Select Home and Apps

Once you're in the settings app, find and select "Home and Apps". It's usually found at the bottom of the list. Tap on it to open up the home and apps menu.

Step 4: Tap on Home Screen

Once you're in the Home and Apps menu, you'll see several categories, including home screen. Tap on home screen to open the settings for it.

Step 5: Select Your Homepage

In the home screen's settings menu, you'll see an option that lets you choose your homepage. Select the one you wish to use from the list.

Step 6: Tap OK

Once you've selected the homepage you wish to use, tap on the OK button to save it. It will now be your homepage.

Step 7: Confirm Your Homepage

Once you've saved the settings, check to make sure the homepage is what you want. It should now be your homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the homepage on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

To change the homepage on your Samsung Galaxy S4, open the home screen and then the settings app. Next, select Home and Apps. Tap Home Screen, then select your homepage and hit the OK button.

Can I have more than one homepage?

No, you cannot have more than one homepage on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

How do I delete an app from my Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen?

To delete an app from your Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen, press and hold the app icon until it starts to move. Drag it to the top of the screen and then release it to delete it.

What is the default homepage on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

The default homepage on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is the home screen.

How can I search for apps on my Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen?

You can search for apps on your Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen by using the search bar feature. Simply type the name of the app you’re looking for in the search bar and it will appear.

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