Step-by-Step Guide to Set SD Card as Default Storage on LG K8

This guide provides information on how to set an SD card to be the default storage of your LG K 8 device, so that you can store more photos, music, and apps on the SD card and keep your phone's internal storage free.

What You Need

  • LG K 8 device
  • SD card

Step 1 - Inserting Your SD Card

First, you need to physically insert your SD card into your device. Your device should have an SD card slot, typically located in either the side or the back of your phone. Insert the SD card into the slot and push gently until it snaps into place.

Step 2 - Formatting Your SD Card

Once you've inserted the SD card, you will need to format it for your device. To do this, open the Settings app on your device and find the "Storage & USB" option.

Once you've opened the Storage & USB settings, find and tap on your SD card option. You should see a "Format" option here. Once you tap this, you will be prompted to choose a file system. Select the option to format your SD  card as "Internal" then, you will be prompted to confirm this. Tap "Format" and wait for the formatting process to complete.

Step 3 - Setting the SD Card as Default Storage

Once the formatting is complete, head back to the Storage & USB settings. You should still be on the same page. In this page, you will see an "Adopt as Internal Storage" button. Tap this button. This will set your SD card to be your device's default storage.

Step 4 - Move Files to the SD Card

To move files to your SD card, navigate to your device's Settings and go to the "Storage & USB" settings. Here, tap on the "SD card" option. Now, tap on the "Move data" button - this will show you a list of all your installed apps.

From here, you can select which apps you want to move to your SD card. Select the apps you want to move and tap the "Move" button. Your selected apps will now be transferred to your SD card and your device's internal storage will be freed up.


What if I don't have an SD card slot?

If your device does not have an SD card slot, you may be able to use a USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter to connect an external SD card.

What type of SD card should I use?

The type of SD card you should use will depend on your device. Generally, SDXC cards are recommended for Android devices since this is the highest capacity of SD cards currently available.

What happens if I remove the SD card?

If you remove the SD card from your device, any apps that were previously stored on the card will be removed. You may also lose some of your data if those apps have not been properly backed up before you remove the card.

What if I accidentally format my SD card?

If you accidentally format your SD card, any data stored on the card will be erased. To avoid this, make sure to back up any important data before formatting your SD card.

Can I use my SD card in other devices?

Yes, you can use your SD card in other compatible devices. However, you will need to reformat the card for the device you are using it with, as different devices may use different file systems.

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